‘What Should A Celebrant Charge'

With so many Celebrants in Australia, it is becoming more and more difficult to put a price on the wedding ceremony

Couples put together a budget for their wedding which doesn't always incorportate an adequate celebrant's fee. Photographs and decorations are important and expensive. 


So, they naturally go hunting for the best deal.


But how do they know if the best deal is going to give them the best wedding ceremony.


In my experience when I started out as a Wedding Celebrant over 7 years ago, I made quite a few paperwork errors in my first couple of weddings. My first pack of paperwork came back with great big red rings around it, with the bits I had forgotten to add.

These errors, make me aware of my newness to the job, and I learned a lot.

Suddenly I was not in training and I had to make someone's day perfect for them.

The last thing I wanted was to have errors anywhere along the way. 

New & experienced celebrants make mistakes sometimes.
In this business, experience certainly helps to get it right. 


I have heard quite often of things that happen at weddings that are more likely to be dealt with early if the celebrant has performed many weddings and is aware of little mishaps that could go wrong, before they happen.

For instance, clearing a path for the bride, so she has a proper isle to walk down.

Having spares of everything on the list, incase the bride or groom forgot to bring something.

Having tissues and water available for the bride and groom.

Having umbrella's for the guests and for the bride if the weather changes. Parasol for the sun, Rain umbrella for the wet.

Having the paperwork under a paperweight or on a clip incase of wind.

Being prepared.


There are many things an experienced celebrant will be more likely to have or do to make the day a success. So if the celebrant is new and trying to get as many weddings as possible, just be aware that could be their 'practice' price. For many celebrant, it is a second job and some, who are good, are happy to do cheap weddings just for fun. Lucky if you get one of those. 


As a bride and groom, I'm guessing you want to feel that everything has been taken care of, that there is nothing to stress about and you can relax and enjoy the moment. 


So really, it is not about money, it is about your gut feeling for the celebrant you choose. 


A celebrant's values are more important than the cost of their service.

Ask yourself: 

Do you think you can work well with your celebrant.

Are they offering you the best service, rather than the best price.

Are they prepared 


Marriage Celebrants love their job. They love to give a couple the best day
of their lives, 
and to make them feel relaxed on their special day. 


With over 800 celebrants looking for work, there are many who may
use gimmicks & add-on's to make their service look better.
See it for what it is. 


Some add-on's and so-called gimmicks might be just what you are looking for. Go for it.

Just be sure to come back to "how does this celebrant make me feel" "Is she or he the person to make our day spectacular"  


Celebrants fees range from $250 to $1200 (according to a bride and groom who where looking for a celebrant by price)

Ask yourself, are they cheap because of competition vs genuine value. 

Just because they are charging a higher fee, does it mean they are better?

Some good celebrants have been forced to drop their price because of the saturated market.


What are YOU looking for in your celebrant? A well rounded person? Some one you can trust? 


The registry office charges:


The "Cost of a Registry Marriage" shown below, includes the Fee to Lodge Notice of Intended Marriage ($155); and issue of a Standard Marriage Certificate ($51). 


Cost of a ​Registry Marriage (including GST)$AUD

​Marriages during business hours:

Monday to Friday, 8am to 4:30pm. $195 ceremony fee is included.​                  $401


Marriages by special arrangement: 

Friday evening, weekends, public holidays. $301 ceremony fee is included.​    $507


Why would you choose a private Celebrant then?


  • Because you can have your wedding anywhere you choose in Australia on Land, Sea or Air

  • Because your celebrant is going to care about you months before and years after you get married

  • Because your celebrant has trained in public speaking or acting and has a strong voice for all to hear.

  • Because your celebrant has good quality equipment  (a sound system with mic's for the readings & vows) 

  • Because your celebrant is prepared to go to great lengths to ensure that the wording of your script is exactly as you both want it.

  • Because your celebrant can take some answers to some simple questions and build your story with creative writing

  • Because your celebrant will write a beautiful ceremonial certificate (caligraphy)

  • Because you can choose the style of your wedding with beautiful pieces of poetry or prose that reflect your personalities

  • Because your celebrant has done an enormous amount of research for you on: Cultures, Traditions, History of Weddings, Vow and Ring Vow wording, Poems, prose and readings from all walks of life. 

  • Your celebrant has researched traditions from your birth place and woven them into the script as you wished

  • The right celebrant will bend over backwards with you
    to make your day like no other.





  • Your adventure starts with your wedding day and continues through your lives
    as a couple.

When you think about the price, also think about the person you wish to be Your Celebrant. 


Make them worth their time, their experience and their genuine desire to make the best of your wedding day. 


Please let me know what made you choose your celebrant.