Celebrations I Offer

Unique, creative and moving ceremonies to capture a moment in your lives when you have made one of your biggest decisions and face some of your largest challenges. To be a couple, to be a family and to live your dream.

Whether you sign a certificate or simply have your friends around you to witness your moment of love, loyalty and commitment as a couple, I will create a celebration you will remember with pride and happiness for a life-time. Please see the section on wedding ceremonies as many of the traditions can be added to your commitment. I welcome same-sex ceremonies which can be as close to a traditional wedding as you desire. Now that New Zealand has accepted gay marriage, I hope Australia will not be far behind.

A child's early years are a celebration in themselves. Every new thing they learn, every smile and every experience. A parent and grandparent are there through their growth. The ceremony of a young child is to bring the family and close friends together and acknowledge both Grandparent, Parents and Godparents as guardians of that child or children. As the lyrics of this song by Whitney Houston suggest:

The Naming Ceremony is a way to welcome a child into their home and community. It can be performed at any age.

You may like to go to The BubHub website to see how to plan your naming ceremony.


Renewal ceremonies are fun and freshen, enhance and brighten the promises you made when you got married.

Through time, your beliefs, values and ideas grow & change, you may like to have new vows that include children, family and friends.

With statistics pointing at half of all marriages ending, renewing of vows is not such a bad idea. Join me to help you celebrate being together and the great things you have given and learned from each other along the way.

The staff at e-Harmony have come up with a list of 7 ways to keep your marriage strong and reinforce the love and commitment you have for one another. 

A Significant Birthday, a Milestone Anniversary or any celebration you wish to celebrate. I am happy to be your Master of Ceremonies for the evening or the day time, bringing friends and family together to be part of your special occasion.

A  Celebration  of   Life - 

                    Funeral  Service,  Memorial  or  Scattering  of  Ashes 

A Celebration of Life is a decication to someone who has died.

It is remembering what they loved in life, how they lived their life and how they affected others that came into their life. 

It is a memory of everything they meant to their loved ones.  

A celebration of life helps families say goodbye in a positive way

It helps with grieving and moving forward. 

This ceremony can happen at any time after the loss of a loved one. 

As part of the Scattering of Ashes or on an anniversary of their passing.

If you would like me to be the Funeral Celebrant for a love-one, please request my service to the Funeral Directors who will contact me to guide your family through the ceremony of remembering the life of your friend or family member.