Flowers and Design

Wedding  and Party Event Styling & Design

We are delighted to help you plan your event


To fully grasp your vision and offer you your perfect day, your way. 
Here are a few questions to help us.

Let’s discuss your answers and ideas for us to create a beautiful and memorable occasion for you and your family.


Let’s start with some basics:

  • Where is the event taking place?

  • What type of event is it?

  • Is it an evening or day-time event?

  • How many people have you invited?

  • Design for your ceremony or reception?

  • Do you need a marquis for the sun or rain? Hired externally depending on the size & requirement.


The Venue

  • Does the venue need a permit from council?

  • Does the venue need to hide anything unattractive?

  • Outdoors or under-cover?


Seating & Tables: These may need to be hired depending on the number of people.

  • How many people to be seated?

  • Are you hiring seating, or does it come with the venue?

  • Would you prefer chairs or benches?

  • If chairs, should they have covers or as they come?

  • Cushions?

  • Round Tables or Long tables?

  • Picnic Style 



  • Are you hiring a catering company for your food?

  • Do you need ideas for caterers in your area?

  • Does the catering company provide all crockery, cutlery and glasses?

  • Does the catering company provide linens for the tables?


Decorations and Styling

  • What is your chosen colours?

  • What is your chosen theme?  

    • Beach, Elegant, Burlap natural, Native flora, Sparkle, Glamour, Special dress-up?

  • How would you describe the overall feel of your event?

    • Natural look, Elegant, Fun or funny, Colourful, Bling and Glitz, other idea

  • What is your budget for table decorations?



  • What kind of flowers do you wish to have?

  • Are you thinking of tall or long arrangements?

  • Faux or real flowers? Faux flowers are rented

  • Would you like a bridal bouquet and groom corsage?


Other Decorations and Desires

  • Balloons - Number, style, Shapes, helium, hanging? 

  • Scatterings on the tables?

  • Gifts for guests?

  • Lights within the arrangements?

  • Candles or tiny lights?

  • Ornaments to suit your style.

  • Photographs of you and your family

  • Do you have a photographer?

AV and Music

  • Audio-Video on a screen

  • Music in the background

  • Music for dancing

  • Handheld mic for speeches

Anything Else you wish to Add?

Funeral Arranging and Floral Design

Flowers for funerals can sometimes be very expensive. You may like to consider some options for the farewell of your loved one. 

Would you like smaller containers of flowers to give to family and friends after the ceremony?

Would you like a large arrangement on the top of the coffin. 

Where would you like to hold the funeral? We have many options that may be more beautiful than a funeral home and represent your loved one they way they would wish

What kind of memory would you like to give those who grieve the loss of a dear friend or family

What kind of person was the person who died and what would they have liked for their farewell. 

There are so many choices you have for venue, coffin, flowers, readings and your choice of a caring celebrant to organise and host the funeral your loved one would smile and enjoy if they were still in this world.