End of Life Care

What does this mean to me?

As a registered nurse for over 30 years, I have come in contact with many people suffering pain, loss and death.

It has long been a desire of mine to assist those who are close to the end of their suffering and follow-through with a celebration of their life.  

Some people feel ready to talk about death long before death is ready for them. To prepare and share their wishes with their family, a close friend or a caring person. 

As an End-of-life carer and celebrant, a person is given the dignity to choose what happens at their funeral.

Getting to know the family and understanding that those with deep grieving need empathy and time to heal. 


My preferred funeral groups in Sydney:

   Picaluna Funerals

   Sydney Funerals Co

Each offer a very affordable and caring service from the moment someone sees the light, the celebration of that person's life and the choices of what remains to be done. 

Though these companies, We can offer a full service to you from funeral organizer to celebrant. 

We offer advice on all aspects of a Funeral or memorial

Locations and styles that suit your family member or yourself if you are making the choice. 

In the past funerals have been a taboo subject, not anymore. 

Your really do have a choice