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A Wedding or a Commitment Ceremony symbolises a new beginning:

You may have not been together long, or perhaps been together for years.

You may already have a family together, or starting again sharing a new family and a new relationship.

Whatever background you come from, you have decided to create a new life for yourselves with a ceremony expressing your love for each other.

A love you both believe will last through to your last hour.

You want to create a wedding that is about your personalities, your commitment and your life.

The day you say ‘I do’ is a new day, a clean slate, a blank page.

You have the choice to do what you want, without restriction.

The wedding books suggest ways to perform your ceremony, but they can be intimidating and structured.

In Australian law, there is a short section called the Monetum and the legal section of the vows which must be said in front of 2 or more witnesses.

Apart from that you have a glorious array of choices to make your day special and unique.

How do you begin to Self-Express your Ceremony?

You have a vision that has a deep meaning in the context of your lives.

Explore the possibilities. Answer your own question - What do we want?.

Represent your love for each other by starting with the easy questions:

  • What do you enjoy doing together?

  • What makes you both the most happy?

  • Do you love the idea of traditional & elegant, something quite unique & unusual or a bit of both?

Write down words, draw sketches, take images from the net or magazines, talk about the fun memories you have had with each other so far, discuss your desires.

In the old days, many people were forced into marriage for prestige, power and protection, and lived unhappily for the rest of their lives.

We have been lucky to be born into freedom of choice.

The legal aspect of a marriage helps with taxes, insurances and explaining the official nature of your relationship, but is not the reason most people get married these days.

For many, it is the commitment ceremony itself and the celebration of your love with family and friends, and not so much about the legal aspect.

Same Sex Weddings—Yes, please!

It is my firm opinion that two people in love, regardless of gender, should be able to marry in the eyes of the law. Unfortunately, many government officials in Australia disagree.

Why in the world should you care what they think?

Have a party, celebrate your spiritual bond, and do it with style! You are unconventional and unique. It’s time for new rules!

I can arrange a beautiful and unique wedding certificate for your wall, for all to see and enjoy the beauty of your love.

Renewing Your Vows—Why Not?

So you got married a while ago (maybe a long time ago).

Relationships, and the people within them, go through many levels of change in the course of a lifetime.

Have a reaffirmation ceremony and tell the world that your love has grown over time, and no matter what changes have occurred, you love your partner just as much, and maybe even more, than the day you first married.

With marriage often comes the added stresses and joys of children. Your gratitude to your spouse for all they have done to assist in the growing of your family, the support you have given each other through loss & illness and the kindness your partner has given you when you have needed it most.

If you got married very young, you may have done it the old fashioned way, the way your parents insisted it should be done. Do you even remember the vow you promised each other that day?

Now it is your turn to chose your style. It’s with your friends you chose to celebrate with, its a party of your life together. Ups, downs, screaming matches and cuddles. Sharing of experiences and the caring that you wish to continue from THIS day forward.

Your Celebrant: That’s me!

Whether you want to start a-new by marriage or commitment, reaffirm your promises to you beloved or introduce your children to the world by officiating their name day. Your celebrant can help you.

I am here in this role to assist and support you creating your own self-expressive celebration. I help you explore possibilities, give some direction where needed, offer you options, spark ideas and kindle the flame of your desires.

You are your own person. Each of you has ideas. I simply help these ideas come together.

Additional Ideas:

  • Have a combined religious / civil marriage with a priest and civil marriage celebrant

  • Ask your best friend to perform your wedding with a civil celebrant present for the legal nuptials - (I will guide them in the process)

  • Use a tradition or something special from your homeland or culture

  • Ask a parent, friend, child or sibling to take a significant role in your wedding ceremony

  • Find an unusual venue

  • Have an adventure ceremony - Hot air balloon?

  • Dress up in a style you love - Medieval? Super Hero? Bohemian?

  • Unconventional Time - Sunrise?

  • Small or Large - Your plus 2 or over 100

  • Are you a Celebrity - I have worked with many celebrities. I am discrete and abide by both my celebrant and nursing code of conduct for all my clients. In particular concerning privacy and respect.

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