What I can do for you & Price Packages 2020


You have met your perfect partner, the person you want to share the rest of your life with.

Perhaps you have been with them for many years or you have met and fallen in love over the past few months or so. 

Whether you are combining your families together or starting anew. If you are born in Australia or bring a different culture to the community, I am here to help guide you in your desires to create the celebration of your lives as a couple.


I offer a range of options & price packages:

I research cultures and traditions to suit your wishes

I will give you choices of vows, poems, readings and more to help create a flowing ceremony.

Involving customs, religions, spiritual beliefs or no believe at all.

I have an adventurous spirit and am happy to listen to interesting ideas like SCUBA weddings, parachute or Hot Air Ballooning.  Boat, Beach and Bush settings,  sunrise or sunset. 


With a background in event design & entertainment I have the knowledge and skill to help you with decoration ideas and the creativity of your event. I have a few props that may help and reduce the costs elsewhere for example and arch or and arbour. 


I endeavour to keep you calm and relaxed all the way through your preparation and the ceremony, so all you have to worry about is yourselves. 

I keep it fun and professional

Reliable and Positive

I am a writer and a poet and will turn your tale into a story for your friends to enjoy.

Years of experience allow me to advise on certain aspects you may be interested in. 

Mostly, I find a way to make any of your desires possible and always believe in the ‘glass half FULL’ approach to life.

Allow me to be your guide in making your day, your way.



Price Packages:


Most Simple Elopement Style Wedding: Bronze            $597.00

Come to my home-office in Freshwater. I say the legal wording, You say your vows,  We sign a few forms in the presence of two witnesses, and you are married. 

This is a registry style wedding in a relaxed environment with tea and refreshments included.

Weekday or weekend - ceremony duration 10-15mins, total duration 1 hour

    (This price is less than a registry office wedding)

BDM standard Certificate cost is included. (Usual a cost of $60 to the BDM)


Simply Pretty: Silver                        $697.00

On the beach, on a rock or somewhere nice at a location at, or near Freshwater, NSW. 

Small group of under 10 people, with no sound equipment required. 

A special ceremony involving all your friends/family who attend. 

Weekday or weekend - ceremony duration 20mins, total duration 1 hour    

(This price is less than a registry office wedding on a weekend. Council approval may be required for an outdoor venue.)

This includes one cultural tradition of your choice.

BDM standard Certificate cost is included.  (Usual a cost of $60 to the BDM).


A little more flash:    Silver Plus                        $797.00

A simple ceremony script done anywhere on land that you chose. 

Include one tradition if you wish.

Guests: 20 - 30

Weekday or weekend - ceremony duration 20 - 30 mins, total duration 1.5 hours (includes travel)

With the use of a battery operated sound system. 

Signing Table and 2 Chairs

Music via CD, iPod or iPhone.

Includes the cost of the BDM standard Certificate sent to your home address. (Usual a cost of $60 to the BDM)


Most Popular: Gold                         $897.00

A ceremony which includes any traditions, cultures, special extra ideas

Where: Land, Sea or Air. Restaurant, Hall or Outdoors (always have an indoor option in case of bad weather)

When: Sunrise to Sunset

Weekday or weekend - ceremony duration 20 mins, total duration 1.5 hours (includes travel)

With the use of a battery operated sound system.

Guests: As many as you like

Involve Family and Friends in readings and Blessings

Any religious or Spiritual aspects (Priest or Spiritual Guide to work along side me)

A specially designed script with your unique love story

Signing Table and 2 Chairs

Music via CD, iPod or iPhone.

Includes the cost of the BDM standard Certificate sent to your home address


Explore the Possibilities:    Platinum            From $1000.00

Celebrity Style Weddings

A little Extra-Ordinary

I offer everything above in the ‘Most Popular Wedding ‘description

In addition:

An adventurous location

Any time of day or night

Dress-up in costume to suit the style

Weddings outside of Sydney - Anywhere in Australia, so long as my expenses are covered

  • Underwater Wedding - I hold an open water SCUBA licence

  • Skydiving into the wedding - Vows in a plane are very noisy

  • Hot-air balloon Ceremony

  • Abseiling into your ceremony

  • Artistes, Circus performers, dancers to take part in your wedding ceremony.

I am very creative with ideas, so please feel free to ask for advice.

Decoration & coordination of your ceremony with Arch and some aisle options

                                 (cost of flowers not included)

Includes the cost of the BDM standard Certificate sent to your home address


Your Best Friend the Celebrant            $797.00

Have you ever wanted your best friend to perform your wedding

Now you can!

I will guide, teach and help your friend become your celebrant for the day.

I will do only the legal aspect of the wedding and save you paying for him/her to get fully trained as a celebrant for one occasion.

I will teach your friend public speaking techniques, Emotion techniques, and help them to write your words as you would like them on your wedding day. 


For all these options I will take responsibility for all the legal paperwork before, after & during your wedding.

Includes the cost of the BDM standard Certificate sent to your home address


Other Services:

Signing of a Notice of Intended marriage $100 transferred to another celebrant

Signing a Fiance Visa with the Notice of Intended Marriage $110. 

Signing Documentation by a Justice of the Peace - Free Service


NOTE: This payment is redeemable if you request my service as a celebrant .


Other Charges:


More than 1 hour to or from the ceremony venue may incur an additional cost 

Cost of Parking and Tolls is additional.



If the venue is difficult to access, please have someone to help carry celebrant gear too and from the venue location



The cost to the Births Deaths & Marriages NSW is  $60 for a standard certificate

We will discuss if you would prefer me to get this for you at the time of registration, or if you prefer to apply for it later. 


All my packages include the standard BDM certificate in the cost of your ceremony and will be delivered to your home address at no extra cost. 


If you would like extra copies of your certificate signed by a JP, you can either order directly from the BDM at $60 or I can sign them and send then on to you at a cost of the registered postage. ($10).


You may wish to get a ceremonial certificate from the BDM, this is an additional $40 to the BDM. I can order this when I order your standard certificate. It is more expensive if you decide to get one later. Please see the options and designs on the BDM website under marriage certificates.


Thank you