The love boat

Housewarming Wedding

Tying the Knot

Awaiting the Bride

I can provide an arch

The Botanical Gardens wedding

A boat on the Harbour

I can create your bouquet

the rings

under the arch

The big picture - Jonah's

Salsa Special

Mike and Mia's story

Sunshine and Patrick - Freshwater

Hands on Karen and Rus

Saluting the sun - Sunrise wedding

Laughter at sunrise

Cate in the Hunter Valley

Happy together

Handbinding Bohemian Wedding

Karen and Russel laughing

Karen, Russel and Jack with rings

Karen, Rus with Cate

Hands on Karen and Rus

Congratulations Karen & Rus

Hunter Valley Bohemian Wedding

Nicola and Matthias made their rings

Signing and laughing

The ring ceremony

The signing

Unity Binding ceremony with child

A smile for the bride

Laughter to start a lifetime


'Out of the Blue' in full voice


Special Vows

Flowing Veil

Telling their story

Champagne view of the habour

The Signing

Unity Candle Ceremony

Receiving the certificate

Balmoral Bather's Balcony

Family unity sand ceremony

Pouring the Sands

Smiles all round

The Veil

The Rings

A wedding and a family

Candle remembrance ceremony

The Ring Ceremony

Your story

Tears of Happiness